At Quinze, we believe that as an item people need to wear daily on their face, a most visible position, eyeglasses are more than just a vision correction tool. Instead, as an extension of one’s appearance, they should be a fashion décor.

In a world where appearances matter, we are young men who seek the thrill and diversity of fashion in our lives just like every other young man in the world. Yet, when it came to glasses, we quickly discovered that there were hardly any brands that were offering premium, trendy glasses at an affordable price. On top of that, we also found out that most people never change their glasses no matter where they go; the common reason being that buying good eyeglasses is not easy and is quite costly.

Our Take: People wear different clothes for different events/ scenes, why not glasses too?

This is what inspired two graduates to start a business on November 2019 in LA, California, driven by a vision to build a brand that offers stylish designer eyeglasses at the most affordable prices, all while enhancing their concept of Different Scenes, Different Pairs within the industry and changing people’s perceptions of glasses.

At Quinze, our idea of “scene” does not conform to any specific style or design. It is a fluid expression that incorporates versatility and variety as explored by our exclusive collections including Gentle, Vivid, Relaxing, and Sunny. Each of our eyeglasses are designed to perfectly fit into each scene as we endeavor to provide people with the most proper eyeglasses for every occasion or event without leaving their wallets bare.

Our direct connection with the manufacture is advantageous since we eliminate all the middle cost. We then transfer this benefit to the customer in the way of well-designed glasses of premium quality at the most reasonable prices. This translates into easily affording more glasses without financial concern, and that is how we know we have achieved our mission!

Quinze; Redefining eyewear into the accessible luxury of choice it can be!

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